Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

Each camp relies on a team of people exercising a variety of leadership roles. Some of these roles are specifically for youth and young adults to grow develop leadership skills themselves. If you’re interested in being part of the team, download and complete both of these two forms…

UCNC Leader Application Form.

UCNC Leader Reference Form.

Work Crew Member:

Responsible to assist with camp set-up and tear-down including, but not limited to, mess kits, tents, land care. Assists in planning and execution of Service Day. Comes early to help set up tents and check mess kits. Stays after to tear down tents, clean up, and gather lost and found items their stuff up. Work crew members report to Work Crew Point and answer to the administrator.

Young Adult Mentor (YAM) :

Young Adults who are older than the small group leaders – at least college age – and usually have served as small group leaders themselves. YAMs have not always attended UC, but have been recommended for the role by someone on the leadership team/application. The YAM’s job is to help the small group leader when they hit a snag, and mentor them into their role as a future leader. They are interceding for the SL, small group participants and discussions as well as helping/empowering the SL to step into their role. YAMs are mentored and overseen by OWLs.

Student Leader (SL) :

Teenagers who have been through UC themselves, have shown emotional and spiritual maturity, and are growing in their faith. They lead the discussions in small group time as well as grow in and model the 3 S’s throughout camp and everyday life. It is also the student leader’s responsibility to give updates about their small group during daily leader meetings, and to provide any leadership updates to their small groups. Student Leaders are mentored by YAMs and overseen by OWLs.

Older Wiser Leader (OWL):

These mentors are the older adults in the student-led small groups. They are present to address any serious issues or questions that may be beyond the scope of the small group leader or young adult mentor. They provide mentoring as well as spiritual covering and supervision. During group time they intercede; they are involved in the discussions but are only there to lead when needed. They help with leadership development of the YAM and SL and answer to co-directors.

Worship Team Member:

Worship helps create the spiritual atmosphere at UC. Team members work with the Worship Point person to pray together about the direction of the day, what scriptures and songs are bubbling up and organizing all of the tech and instrumental responsibilities. They answer to the Worship Point person.

Kitchen Crew:

Assists with the kitchen duties of food planning, food prep, cooking: lunch, snack, and dinner, and keeping the kitchen space clean and functional. They may need to help with shopping runs during the week, as well as before camp begins. They help with organizing small group work crews each day. Intercession during the event (from the kitchen) is also encouraged! They answer to the Kitchen Point.

Intercession Team Member:

Available to serve as needed covering teaching times, evening and small group sessions, as well as logistics. (They need prayer coverage too!) They may be growing in gifts of intercession and looking to be mentored in this time or may be a seasoned intercessor who has a heart for youth and interceding. All team members are valuable and help to cover the whole event, as well as bring clarity to what’s occurring in both kairos and chronos time. They answer to the Intercession Point person.

Healing Prayer Minister:

Has been through Healing ministry training with PRMI or is being mentored by a PRMI trained prayer minister. Prayer ministry appointments are usually in the afternoons during UC. They answer to the Healing Prayer Point Person.